Asher Siddiqui, BA MSc



1999 - 2000

Degree Title
Master of Science in Software Development


Coventry University, UK

Major Subjects

Project Management, Java Programming, Software Development Lifecycles, Networking, Database Management

1995 - 1998

Degree Title

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business Administration


Coventry University, UK

Major Subjects

Marketing, International Business, International Finance, Accounting, Business Strategy, Business Research, Small Business Management, Business German

Professional Development (2007)

Seminar: Metamorphosis - Redefining Business Excellence by Dr. Ken Blanchard

Conference: International M&A - Outward Investment from the Middle East
Conference: Telecom Finance - Middle East, Africa & India
Conference: 2nd Annual Mergers & Acquisitions Forum
Conference: GCC CFO Forum - Driving Superior Investment Decisions

Professional Development (2004/2005)

Exec Ed Course: Strategic Management & Leadership Issues in a Rapidly Changing Global Environment (MIT Sloan)

Seminar: The Art of the Start
Entrepreneurship & Media
Corporate Strategy & Planning
Entrepreneurship & Technology Transfer

Workshop: The Value-added Supply Chain in Knowledge-based Organisations
Workshop: Smart Money: Company Building Venture Capital & Business Angels
Workshop: Entrepreneurship & Media Technology
Workshop: Entrepreneurial Marketing

Personal MBA (2006/2007)

A "Personal MBA" is a self directed course, which involves going through an extensive reading list that covers various aspects of business. At the core is a list of 42 books and periodicals, and the "student" is free to add to that list as I have done.

I am using the PMBA format to refresh my knowledge, as well as develop a greater understanding, of business. For more information on the PMBA, please go to


1. How Venture Capital Works (Bob Zider - HBR)
2. What is Strategy? (Michael Porter - HBR)
3. Terms Sheets & Valuations (Alex Wilmerding)
4. What the CEO Wants You to Know (Ram Charan)
5. The Art of the Start (Guy Kawasaki)
6. Art of War (Sun Tzu - Ralph Sawyer Translation)
7. Finance for Managers (Samuel Hayes - Harvard Business Essentials)

Currently Reading:
8. Finance for Non Financial Managers (Robert Cooke) Completed: 65%
9. The Shorter MBA (Barrie Pearson & Neil Thomas) Completed: 25%
10. Investment Valuation (Aswath Damodaran) Completed: 15%

Next to Read:

11. The Essential Drucker (Peter F. Drucker)
12. Economics In One Lesson (Henry Hazlitt)

Asher Siddiqui, BA MSc

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